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Amusement and Arcade Auction
Saturday November 26th, 2016

Classic and Newer Arcade Video Games, Pool Tables, Jukeboxes, Darts, Air Hockey
Adventureland Palace Theater
305 34th Avenue Northwest, Altoona, IA 50009 – See Map Below

Doors open at 8am, Auction Starts at 10am
Games On Free Play – 150-200 Pieces Estimated
Good working games often sell for $200-$300, Pinballs $500-$7,000

13% Buyers Premium

Wanna Trade Up from something you got at a past auction, sell it then buy something new to spice up your home or business

More Committed Inventory As Of October 24th

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Committed Inventory For The Auction – From An Consignor

who is bringing at least 2 SEMI-LOADS!

img_0267 img_0268 img_0269 img_0270 img_0271 img_0272 img_0273 img_0278 img_0279 img_0280 img_0281 img_0282 img_0283  img_0285 img_0286 img_0287 img_0288 img_0289 img_0290 img_0291 img_0292 img_0293 img_0294 img_0295 img_0296 img_0297 img_0298 img_0299 img_0300 img_0301 img_0302 img_0303 img_0304 img_0305 img_0306 img_0307 img_0308 img_0309 img_0310 img_0311 img_0312 img_0313 img_0314 img_0315 img_0316 img_0317 img_0318 img_0319 img_0320 img_0321





For the last 15 years Amusement Associates has been running the Iowa video game, pinball, jukebox and arcade auction.  Industry members, hobbyists, and families have been coming to these events in Des Moines, Urbandale, Newton and Grimes usually twice a year to see games, play with them and take many of them home.  We have people travelling from across the midwest and would love to have you there.

If you lived in the era of video arcades, Fun Factory, Chuck E Cheese (when they had games there, not just ballpits and ticket games).  All arcade-style games, pinballs, jukeboxes, pool tables, cranes, changers, parts, and redemption games.





Standard Rules for the auction are:

  • Buyers pay a 13% buyers fee with cash or a good check.
  • Sellers pay 10% commission and a $10 buyback, with a $10 entry fee.
  • If you want to consign stuff for sale at the next auction, call Tom at 515-360-7282

The dates, times and location of the auction will be announced soon – email or for more information or to get on our mailing list.